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Evaluation Essay


What is Evaluation Essay

Evaluation essay is one in which the writer analyses all the aspects of an object and draws his/her own conclusion on that. It is a process of examinings facts and information about a topic and then reaching on a personal judgment. These types of essays are mostly used for the purpose of evaluation of books, movies, etc. An evaluation essay employs both the positive and negative aspects of the object before reaching on a final conclusion on it. Examples and statistics are helpful in evaluating any object and it helps the reader to get a clear image of what the writer is trying to say.

How to write Evaluation Essay

Just like with any other type of essay, an evaluation essay also has to follow a format. Many of the features of an evaluative essay are similar to that of a cause and effect essay although the writer is not showing any casual relationship in this case. An introduction to the topic should be such which enables the reader to know what is being evaluated in the essay. The body of the essay would include the criteria for evaluation. Convincing facts like description, examples, statistics, and testimony of others can be used to support a particular viewpoint on the subject. However, the body of the essay should be impartial and should include both the pros and cons of the object under discussion. Facts regarding both the sides should be presented fairly so as to give reader a true understanding of the topic. As far as possible, evaluation criteria should be based upon the illustration of facts rather than presentation of opinions. The conclusion should summarize and develop a good solution for the problem or proposal under discussion. It is the most important part of the essay as it demands the writer to give his/her personal touch on the object and it should be written in such a way as to leave no shadow of doubts in the mind of the readers.

Evaluation essay is an assignment that requires thorough research, analysis and a lot of patience. Hence, it is mandatory for the writer to bear in mind that he/she needs to have enough knowledge of the subject so it can be easily supported or disproved. The composition of such an essay is vital for the reader so the writer should bear in mind this fact too.

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