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Literacy Essay


What is Literacy Essay

A literary essay is one which explores the meaning of a piece of literature. Such an essay chooses a particular extract of literature and focuses on its characters, theme, style and tone. A literary essay maybe the writers own interpretation of the context of literature or it maybe a mixture of his/her own opinions combined with criticism of others

Literary essays are one of the most difficult ones to write for many students. However, few guidelines are helpful for such students and may make the job easier. Firstly, the author must have a good topic to write on, a topic which interests the author. For example, some writers may be interested in writing about love stories like Romeo and Juliet or drama like Macbeth, while others may be more interested in discussing the historical topics like the world wars. Secondly, the writer must produce a good and attractive thesis statement for his/her work. It can either be in the observatory form or assertive, persuasive or any other. However, this should be supported with good evidences. Thirdly, the format of the essay should be one which is widely accepted which ensures high quality of the writing. Grammatical and punctuation errors should be eliminated so as to secure highest possible grades for the essay.

The format of the literary essay is not much different to any other essay. It starts off with an introductory paragraph introducing the readers to the topic of literature that is being discussed. The body follows and it includes all the details of that literature with specific stress on its characters, theme, style and tone. All the references and evidences are given here to back up what the author is establishing. The conclusion is brief and precise and revises the points made in the body.

A Literary essay is most commonly used for evaluating a piece of literature like book, drama, historic event etc.

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