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Sample Custom Term Paper and Sample Research papers


Sample Nursing Paper

Type:  Sample Nursing research paper 

  Pages: 9
  Sources: 4
  Title: How is Nursing different from medicine ?


Sample Essay

Type: Sample Essay

  Sources:  4
  Style: APA

Title: Domestic Relations Essay [Child Abuse]


Sample Term Paper

Type: Sample APA Term Paper

  Pages: 7
  Sources:  5
  Style: APA

Title: Effect of Alcohol abuse on Body


Sample Research Paper #1

Type:  Sample APA Research Paper 

  Pages: 5  
  Sources:  4
  Style: APA

Title: Middle Class :  African American


Sample Research Paper #2

Type: Sample APA Research Paper 

  Pages: 14  
  Sources:  6
  Style: APA

Title:  Children in Poverty: The long term academic effects of poverty in childhood.


Sample Research Paper #3

Type: Sample APA Research Paper 

  Pages: 9 
  Sources:  12
  Style: APA

Title: Early Childhood Problem: Phonemic Awareness


Sample Report

Type:  Report

  Pages: 9
  Sources: 1
  Style: APA

Title: Analytical Review of Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Experiment


Sample Research Paper

Type:  Sample Research Paper 

  Pages: 6
  Sources:  5
  Title: The Scope of Health-care Problem for women in America






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